Mobile Gas Flare

The KCH Mobile Flare Stack Silencer/Separator type MKIIISG has been especially designed for well testing in sour gas service and includes a single 12” gas flare stack with a total height of 21m.

The 6” feed inlet leads into a mono cyclone type knock-out condensate separation section in the mid part of the cylindrical section of the unit. Condensate will be separated prior entering the flare stacks, hence it will not be flared with the gas.

The knocked-out liquid will be collected in a 600-litre cylindrical condensate storage tank (bottom part) with a drainage connection. This storage tank is part of the cylindrical structure of the flare system. The upper part of the cylindrical section of the unit includes a high performance absorption type silencer with inlet diffusor, for reducing the transmission noise what has been produced by the upstream pressure reduction valve in the feed line.

To avoid radiation noise, four V-shape stiffener profiles that are welded to the outside of the cylindrical section, will act like acoustical deathners. This will make an acoustical insulation redundant. To avoid creep of condensate into the silencer section, a vortex breaker has been installed at the silencer inlet pipe.